Q1: How can the backend developers get NFT rental data?
At present, SDK is mainly used to acquire rental data in front-end DAPP development. Backend developers can obtain all NFT rental data of each blockchain through our TheGraph service, which has perfect search and query functions. For details, please refer to the Introduction and Use of Rentero TheGraph Service. If the rental data query method in RenteroNFT class of the SDK cannot meet the business needs, TheGraph can also be used.
Q2: Can users directly interact with the rental protocol without using SDK?
Yes, but not recommended. SDK contains the latest market contracts of each blockchain, and will add more rental logic later. Further, SDK contains all solutions of rental protocol available for users.
If users directly interact with rental market contracts, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of the contract address and ABI of all environments. ABI address: https://github.com/RenteroLabs/rentero-sdk/blob/main/src/constants.ts#L20