Owner: an NFT owner, who pledges the native NFT under Rentero Protocol. With ReNFT obtained by pledge of the native NFT, the NFT owner can redeem the native NFT.
User: an NFT user, who can use the NFT before the expires. Each NFT has only one user in a given period of time.
Delegator: a delegation contract which is authorized by the NFT owner and can set the NFT user. The pledge and redemption of NFT by the NFT owner also rely on the delegator.
ReNFT: a voucher NFT obtained by the pledge of native NFT. It has the same tokenId as the native NFT. ReNFT represents the ownership of the native NFT.
Expires: the deadline before which an NFT user can use the NFT. The expires of Rentero Protocol will become 0 when the deadline expires.