Lender redeems an NFT

1.Redeem an NFT that has not been rented

Lender can redeem such an NFT by clicking “Redeem” on the Dashboard.

2. Redeem an NFT that has been rented

To redeem an NFT in advance, Lender needs to return the rent already paid by Renter but not used, and pay liquidated damages to Renter. The returned rent and payable liquidated damages should be calculated as follows:

Calculation of unused rent = number of days for which rent has been received — number of days for which rent has been used at the time of redemption by Lender (rounded up to days)

Liquidated damages = 1 day’s rent (Note: if no liquidated damages are required according to the rental information, Lender does not need to pay liquidated damages for redemption).

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