At present, Rentero Protocol only supports ERC721 NFT projects. In practice, each ERC721 contract corresponds to one unique valid Rentero Protocol contract. The specific access process is as follows:

  1. The project parties provide ERC721 contract address, for which the Rentero developer deploys the corresponding Rentero Protocol contract.

  2. The Rentero developer configures the RC721 contract address and Rentero Protocol contract address into the installation market contract, so that the NFT of ERC721 contract can be lent and rented in the installment market.

  3. The project party contract can call the userOf (uint256 tokenId) function of Rentero Protocol contract corresponding to ERC721 contract to inquire the NFT user, call the userExpires (uint256 tokenId) function to inquire the expires for the current user to use the NFT, and call the canUseToken (address operator, uint256 tokenId) function to check whether the NFT can be applied for a specific address.

An NFT for which the corresponding ERC721 contract has been deployed can be lent to the installment market (available at the [installment market website]).

The project parties may refer to Rentero SDK tutorial for self-developing the front-end display page of the market.

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